Editorial: New LGBTQIA+ floor a welcomed addition coming to Eastern’s campus

Staff Editorial

Eastern’s new floor for LGBTQIA+ students will be a welcomed change on campus.

This new floor will allow for LGBTQIA+ students and their allies to share a living space with those who share similar beliefs and lifestyles as themselves, much like the honors and quiet floors do.

While this floor will likely benefit students who identify as gay, lesbian, queer, etc., the biggest benefit will be for those who do not identify with the se they were assigned at birth.

The floor will be housed on of the few residence halls on Eastern’s campus that has gender neutral private bathrooms. This will allow for transgender students, nonbinary students, agender students and many others to feel comfortable in the space without it being specific to one gender they many not identify with.

Beyond this, the students on those floors will be able to reside in peace without fears of being attacked or harassed for their sexual orientation or gender identity. They will live in a space meant for them and meant to make them feel comfortable.

As students ourselves we understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your space and know how much it can mean to have a place on campus where you know you can feel safe and cared for.

We at The Daily Eastern News applaud those involved in making this decision for their commitment to our LGBTQIA+ peers and look forward to seeing how those students adjust to their new space next Fall.