Editorial: Stupidity is a pandemic with no real vaccine

Staff Editorial

With COVID-19 vaccines being distributed in the United Kingdom and vaccination plans in the U.S. beginning soon, the pandemic can finally start being brought under control.

Things will of course not return to normal for likely many more months, but the vaccine provides a sense of hope for many people.

There is another pandemic that unfortunately has no vaccine. This pandemic is the utter stupidity that has surrounded COVID-19 for many months.

This new pandemic got out of control in Idaho Tuesday during a meeting of the state’s health board. The board was meeting to vote on a potential mask mandate for four counties, but protesters gathered outside the health department building and even the homes of some of the members of the board.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and the Boise Police Department decided that the protesters were compromising public safety.

One member had to leave the meeting to head home because her son was home alone and protesters were gathered near the front door of the house.

We at the Daily Eastern News believe that the stupidity shown by those who rally against masks and other preventative measures are extremely dangerous, even when they do not become unruly outside of government buildings.

These people will undermine the effectiveness of COVID vaccines and will continue to deteriorate the public’s trust in health experts in a time when we need these experts the most.

Anyone who denies the dangers of COVID-19 will still be problematic even when COVID-19 is finally under control. If only there was a way to cure them.