Editorial: Biden’s COVID strategy will differ greatly

Staff Editorial

Perhaps the most important and most immediate thing for president-elect Joe Biden to handle when he takes office is the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has recently selected a new HHS secretary in Xavier Becerra and has selected other officials that will lead the response to the pandemic going forward.

According to the Associated Press, Biden “hopes to return the federal response to a more methodical approach, seeking results by applying scientific knowledge in what he says will be a transparent and disciplined manner.”

Biden’s approach to the pandemic will certainly be different from President Trump’s approach, which has involved very little federal assistance or oversight.

The AP also broke down Biden’s approach and how it will differ from Trump’s.

More federal assistance will be one factor, and will come as a relief to many states who have been left to deal with outbreaks on their own.

It also seems apparent that Biden and his team will value the advice and guidance of medical experts highly, as opposed to Trump who has openly criticized people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and other infectious disease experts.

Lastly, Biden’s approach seems to value a vaccine distribution strategy that will make sure vaccines are provided properly to minority groups that have suffered a disproportionate number of COVID cases and deaths.

We at the Daily Eastern News are glad that the White House will soon be taking COVID-19 more seriously and will be actively working to combat it.

Biden’s approach seem sound, and he also seems to be hiring people who are more than capable.