Editorial: Trump will not stop spreading conspiracies

Staff Editorial

We live in a world where the President of the United States spreads baseless conspiracy theories on a regular basis. It has been happening so frequently over the past four years that it almost feels normal.

That is just what President Trump does.

He sees or hears something and he tweets it out without a second thought. Forget fact checking or verifying anything. And why care about consequences?

Trump has been tweeting conspiracies about voter fraud and ballot manipulation. None of these theories have been true or based in anything remotely resembling facts, but that does not stop him.

He tweeted Thursday about alleged voter fraud that originated on a blog and has no evidence of any kind supporting it.

Trump’s tweet stated, in all caps of course, that votes for him had been deleted or had been electronically switched to Biden votes.

The claims are nonsense, but unfortunately there are millions of Americans that will believe it because Trump said it.

That is the danger of Trump spreading these conspiracies. There are people out there that take everything he says as fact, no matter how ludicrous or nonsensical it is.

Trump could say that birds do not exist and people would believe him.

We at The Daily Eastern News want to remind people that it is not normal to have a president who so carelessly spreads conspiracies and misinformation.

It may feel normal to many by now, but it is actually a very dangerous thing.

If you see someone buying in to these theories, try your best to help them understand the truth.