Editorial: Biden/Harris win a major moment in U.S. history

Staff Editorial

Perhaps the strangest and most exciting election in American history finally wrapped up over the weekend, when it was finally announced that Democratic nominee Joe Biden seemed to have enough electoral votes to win the presidency.

As many expected, it was mail-in voting that swung the election, with millions of mail ballots being counted in the days following election day that turned the tide for Biden in several swing states.

The election itself was a momentus event, but we at The Daily Eastern News find what happened after the results were announced to be just as incredible.

All around the country, and even in some other countries, people took to the streets to dance, cheer, honk their horns or just stand around and wave at traffic.

Social media was full of videos of city streets echoing with cheers, honks and celebratory music. It was teh kind of celebration we normally see in documentaries about World War II ending or the moon landing.

But instead, all of these people were celebrating the defeat of Donald Trump.

In defeat, Trump did more to unite the American people than he ever did while as president.

The entire day Saturday just felt important. It felt like a day that people will remember for years to come.

But the election results coming in was an important moment for more that the celebrations it sparked.

The 2020 election had the highest number of votes ever recorded and the highest voter turnout, as a percentage of elegible voters, since 1900.

Americans did not just come together in the streets. More importantly, they came together at the polls.