Editorial: Study finds alarming new COVID side effects

Staff Editorial

Two stories from Reuters on Tuesday detailed studies conducted by scientists at Imperial College London that seemingly discovered two new issues surrounding COVID-19.

Neither study has been peer reviewed yet.

The first study found that COVID-19 antibodies seem to have declined in the British public over the last several months, possibly indicating that protections against the virus may not last as long as previously believed.

The second study found that in some severe cases, people can possibly have declined cognitive function following an infection.

They said that in some of the worst cases. the cognitive decline is equivalent to the brain aging by ten years.

Of course this study has not yet been peer reviewed, and the cognitive decline may only be a temporary side effect with know long term studies yet possible.

Even though much is still unknown about COVID-19 and how it affects people in the long run, we at The Daily Eastern News want to urge people to keep being careful and following social distancing and masking policies.

Some symptoms may not be too severe during infection, but we do not know how COVID-19 can negatively impact people’s lives for years to come. We know that many people are tired of COVID-19, but we cannot afford to lower our guard.