STAFF EDITORIAL: Trick or Treat in a safe way

Staff Editorial

Halloween is a night that we at The Daily Eastern News all look forward to. The costumes, the candy and the spookiness of it all makes this holiday a special one for not just youngsters but adults as well.

With that being said, there are times where people will go to destructive lengths on Halloween to “celebrate,” and sometimes it can cause a lot of trouble.

We at The Daily Eastern News fully support Halloween and enjoy the special holiday. But we encourage the students and residents of the area to make sure they have respect for the homes they trick or treat at, and to not infringe destructive ways onto others.

There are people who are known to toilet paper houses. While this may seem like a fun prank to pull on someone and a great way to enjoy the night, we encourage everyone to realize that this can be a troubling mess for the owners of the homes that are toilet papered.

Also, some people do not wish to partake in Halloween. This could be that they either do not wish to go trick or treating, or they do not wish to pass out candy at their home.

With that being said, we want to remind everyone to respect people’s choices and decisions, and do not infringe on a property that is not partaking in passing out candy.

It is pretty easy to know whether or not a house is passing out candy. Usually, the owner of the house will have the porch lights on. If they do not, this means they are not passing out candy and there is no reason for you to step foot on their property.

Also, we all like to have fun and be spooky on this special night, but some people are not into horror and spooky activities.

While you may not be one of these people, we encourage you to not pressure others into participating in these activities, and we ask that you do not try to scare someone who is not interested in Halloween as a whole.

We also want to remind parents who are taking their children trick or treating to be mindful of the homes that you visit.

While most people are generally nice and decent, there are still dangerous people in the world who would like nothing more than to cause harm to trick or treaters.

Halloween is a fun holiday for those who enjoy it, but we have to remember that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and we have to respect that.

We encourage you to enjoy your night, whether you are participating in activities, taking your child trick or treating or going trick or treating yourself.

Just make sure to be safe, and hope that you do not encounter any ghosts or goblins during your trip through the night to get candy.

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