Natural beauty is the best kind of beauty

Kate Rehwinkel

I have recently been told by a guy friend of mine that I could get a boyfriend if I just wore makeup. Anyone who knows me knows that I think makeup should only be used for special occasions, or a night out on the town.

I don’t wear makeup for three reasons. First, foundation covers up my freckles and makes me look less pretty. Second, I have great skin with hardly any blemishes. Third, I do not know how to apply most products properly. I believe every female out there should embrace her natural beauty instead of putting on a new face.

I can understand the advantages to wearing makeup include that it can build confidence, even out skin tones, cover blemishes and enhance your natural beauty. However, there are plenty of benefits to not wearing makeup.

You get more free time

I used to have friends who would always show up late because they were doing their makeup and it took them at least half an hour or more to complete. It’s a daily time consumer to put makeup on before class, when if you just wore no makeup it would take a fraction of the time to get ready. It’s not a good excuse to give to your friends or future employers that you were late beacause you were putting on makeup. With the free time, you could read a book or sleep longer.

You learn to love your flaws

Since I have only worn makeup a handful of times, I have come to love the flaws on my face. If someone is constantly wearing makeup every day, the flaws are not noticeable to you or anyone else, so how can you begin to accept them? I have purple shadows under my eyes and I used to cover them up with makeup for a few months, but then I got tired of putting it on every day. An easy way to start loving your flaws is by going without makeup once a week and adding more makeup-free days until you become more comfortable.

You get fewer eye infections

It is known that makeup can carry bacteria if  it’s not dealt with properly. When I go to the eye doctor for my yearly checkup, he always asks if I wear any makeup around my eyes because it can lead to eye infections like pink eye. I already tend to get allergies in my eyes during the summer and spring, so it is important to make sure that I don’t complicate the allergies with an infection.

I am not opposed to females wearing makeup every day; I just think everyone looks more attractive without it. One piece of advice to my all natural friends: Do not feel pressured to wear makeup if you do not want to.


Kate Rehwinkel is a senior business management major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].