Give live music a chance; take in the vibes

Katelyn Eddington

Woodstock, Lollapalooza, Coachella, Burning Man and Bonaroo are all music festivals that each bring their own thing to the table.

Despite having their own uniqueness to them, they all have the same goal: bringing people to hear, see, feel and experience live music.

I have recently noticed an interest spike in these festivals.

Is it because of the outfits, the adventure or music?

Whatever aspect of the festivals intrigues you, it always comes back to the music.

Music is universal and everywhere. Everybody has a different taste in genres and artists.

However, the live music scene caters to all and there is a small live music scene in the area.

Is it as big as a city’s live music scene? No.

Is it the vibe, thrill and excitement of music and discovering a new band you like there? Yes.

The area’s music scene is small, but that makes for a greater experience, at least for me it does.

It gives you a chance to meet the band, listen closer to the lyrics and have a better feel of the beat and rhythm.

I was inspired a few weeks ago to write about the local live music scene.

This scene has something for everyone, different genres, bands, groups and venues.

It is all affordable for college students, such as myself, unlike some of the bigger music festivals.

I want to discover more music, expand my music interest, share information about the live music scene and encourage people to get out of their comfort zones for a live music experience.

Why? Because there is a whole scene and another part of music nobody talks about.

Go to new places, notice posters for a band, look, see and listen because you are surrounded by a live music scene.

Will it cater to everyone? No, but next time you are out with friends, family, your significant other or yourself, just give it a listening ear.

If a band is performing at a restaurant, take two minutes to pay attention to them.

Put down the food, quiet whomever you are with and listen for two minutes.

Two minutes is all it takes to be intrigued by a live performance of a band.

Also, next time you go out somewhere, notice the environment the band is playing in, because I bet you most people will not care enough to pay attention to the music moment.

I understand completely because you want to live in your momentjust live in the moment with music.


Katelyn Eddington is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].