EDITORIAL: Check out Eastern’s RSOs, make new friends

Staff Editorial

One of the best experiences of college life is being able to get involved with different clubs and organizations.

Eastern provides students with a variety of groups that may be interesting to them.

This Tuesday, Eastern will be hosting Pantherpalooza in Thomas Hall at 2 p.m.

Pantherpalooza is an annual event where Registered Student Organizations and volunteer groups across campus and the Charleston community recruit students to get involved.

We at The Daily Eastern News strongly encourage students, especially new students, to attend Pantherpalooza and find a group or RSO that tends to their interests.

Besides getting an education, college is about meeting new people, having fun and enjoying your final years before you hit adulthood.

Some students feel strongly about getting involved in community service, and by attending Pantherpalooza, they will find that there are several groups dedicated to providing community service to the Charleston area.

Other students have certain hobbies, and they find that attending Pantherpalooza is a great way for them to get involved with different groups that provide the same interests they have a liking for.

Why sit in your dorm the entire semester and twiddle your thumbs when you could easily get out there and find something that really interests you whiling finding new friends who share those interests?

We at The Daily Eastern News are all about students taking their education seriously and doing their work, but we also feel that college is about having fun as well, and students need to take advantage of the fun activities while they have the chance.

We have seen how fast the years go, and before you know it you are planning to graduate and find a full-time job.

When that happens, school is done and there are no more fun and games.

Get out there, take a break from the daunting pressures of your schoolwork and studying and find some friends and activities that will provide some entertainment and enjoyment in your life here at Eastern.

The variety of activities that occur at Eastern and the amount of hobbies that we provide for students is practically endless is truly amazing.

Start your semester out in a fun way and see what exactly we are all about and what activities and hobbies that we can provide to you at Pantherpalooza.

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