STAFF EDITORIAL: We made it through the school year

Staff Editorial

We made it.

Congratulations, everyone.

The end of the semester and school year is upon us, and in a few days we can all relax knowing that we do not have classes anymore, or projects or homework.

For some of us, we are done with our schooling completely.

After walking across the stage to grab that diploma, some of us are headed home or starting our jobs.

Some of us are coming back for a year or a few more years of school here at Eastern, or some of us are graduating and continuing on to graduate school.

No matter which of the paths your life is now heading down, we hope you had a great time at Eastern and remember the school as your life keeps going.

Remember to visit campus and the friends you made here and to give back when you can.

If you are coming back to Eastern next year, we hope you have a great year and get involved and grow as much as possible.

But not everything is all fine and dandy because we do still have to worry about finals this week.

We have all been through the routine before, so we all know what to expect and what to do.

Make sure you take considerable time every day this week to study for your finals (at least until you do not have finals anymore).

When you are studying, try to keep distractions at a minimum.

That one noisy neighbor, or a group of people talking loudly near you may sometimes be unavoidable, so just do your best to block out all the noise.

When possible, try to go to a quiet place for your work and studying.

There are some places in Charleston that provide you with a quiet atmosphere to do whatever work you have in peace.

But, possibly just as an important note to keep in mind is that we all need breaks and sleep.

Make sure throughout the week, when you are studying that you take breaks to give your minds and bodies a break because continual stress is not a good thing.

On top of that, getting proper amounts of sleep is necessary.

Go to bed as early as possible and wake up as early as possible, relative to your finals, so you have a lot of time to study beforehand.

Otherwise, we hope you have had a great year and have another great year ahead of you, whether you have more schooling or are moving on to a new chapter.

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