STAFF EDITORIAL: With spring comes lots of allergies

Staff Editorial

Spring is here, which means all of our worries are in the past because spring marks the closing of the year.

Well, there are projects and end-of-the-year deadlines that are on all of our plates.

Not to mention, the worries for us all about how to manage everything that seems to be crammed in such a short time here at the end of the year.

But, there is one other thing to be careful of, and most of you may already have it or know others who have it.


You may have already heard your classmates sniffling or coughing during class, or your roommate may have updated you on the fifth allergy pill they just took.

Trees, plants and every other allergen-filled thing that blitzkriegs our nostrils at this time of the year are blooming and letting go of their soldiers; fortifying your defenses is important for not only you but others as well.

Common sense tells us to not spread bacteria, or allergens, so cover your mouths and noses when you cough or sneeze.

Even if you see someone who is not doing so, politely ask them to.

And, again, this should be common sense, but wash your hands no matter what, especially if you are one of us who is blowing their nose a lot.

We all have a responsibility to take care of not only ourselves, but others as well, so we all need to do our part and support each other.

It’s especially at this point in the semester, when all the hard work is seemingly hitting us out of nowhere.

We all need to be as healthy as possible so we can perform our best for the final projects and other bits of work whose deadline is four days away.

Most importantly, just take care of yourselves.

If any of you find yourselves sniffling and coughing, take the necessary precautions to stay ahead of it.

None of us need the small cough from our allergies to turn into a cold, and we especially do not need a sore throat to turn into strep throat two days later.

Taking medicine to prevent any of this is a quick and easy thing to do, so make it a priority if need-be.

Otherwise, make sure to get some rest.

Allergy symptoms and any sickness in general can take a lot out of you, so take an hour to nap or relax to let your body recover if need-be.

But, overall, watch out for your health as the semester starts to end, especially as these allergens start to float around outside more and more.

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