STAFF EDITORIAL: Pride Month is beneficial

Staff Editorial

With April being Pride Month for students at Eastern, several activities are being planned.

Although, the question arises, “What is so beneficial about Pride Month?”

Pride Month is dedicated to support students in the LGBTQA+ community.

So many people in this community are judged and criticized because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

We at The Daily Eastern News feel that Pride Month is beneficial because it gives students in this community a chance to feel that they fit in and belong with everyone else.

Many people in the world feel that Pride in general is a ridiculous thing, because they feel that it is giving too much attention and making a bigger deal about gay rights than what needs to be.

We feel that it is only fair to have Pride Month for students here at Eastern, so they can feel included and know that they are accepted.

Gender identity and sexual orientation are two things that we feel are not a choice, and we think people should not be criticized for simply being who they are.

We encourage students out there who are part of the LGBTQA+ community to get involved this month with pride and enjoy meeting others who may be in the same situation that they are in.

Acceptance and tolerance is very important. When it comes to consenting adults, their gender identities and sexual orientations really aren’t any of our business. We need to accept them and respect them.

It is only fair that people get to have the same acknowledgement that everyone else does.

People criticize this community way too often and do so many violent and cruel things to them.

It is not fair that these people cannot simply enjoy their lives and be themselves.

We hope that everyone in the LGBTQA+ community knows they are wanted and accepted, and that Pride Month is dedicated to all of you to honor you for your bravery, strength and courage that you have shown throughout some of the cruel acts that have been done to you.

Happy Pride Month, Panthers! Enjoy it, and know that we admire you and respect you for you. We do not judge at all.