Editorial: Break is already over; time to hustle

Staff Editorial

The age-old battle students everywhere face has come upon us Sunday, into Monday, and standing your ground is the only way to combat the opponent.

St. Patrick’s Day and spring break are fresh in everyone’s mind still, though both are now thoughts in the past.

Even though they are in the past now, the idea of them still settles in our minds and takes us away from what is more important.

What is more important?

The rest of the semester, and while summer is calling our names from the ever-shortening month-and-a-half’s time away, there is a lot to finish in that span.

Tests, quizzes, projects and, of course, personal time all have to be managed within such a short time span.

That is where the battle heats up and when time and your subconscious try to trick you.

No matter how many times the back of your mind tries to tell you that you have time to put things off and make it up later, you do not.

Things will be swiftly creeping up on all of us as May approaches, and this first week back is no exception.

It is always better to prepare for the future and get ahead, instead of waiting and just cramming everything at the last minute.

This is the final stretch before we get to our summer break.

Make the most of this stretch by doing good with your schoolwork; doing so will open up other avenues for us all.

Sounds weird, but it makes sense.

By getting homework done and doing projects ahead of time, in spurts, that clears a lot of time for yourself to relax and do the things you actually want to.

More than that, it also clears up head space for all of us so we are not stressing about having a million things to do in such a short amount of time.

We are at the end of the school year, and that is an exciting thing.

But what is exciting does not necessarily mean it is a happy thing.

We all have to make the final run to the summer matter and count—to make it a fun and happy run.

Otherwise, this last month and a half will be the terrifying whirlpool of stress that social media always says it is.

Do not be like the people on social media who procrastinate.

Get ahead of the game and make this final run worth it.

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