Editorial: March is the time to job search

Staff Editorial

March has begun, and spring is closing in fast.

While that hopefully means better weather, it also means for all of us that it is time to take the next step in our lives: careers.

This is the time of year when your laptops and emails need to be full of applications and emails for jobs.

That is, if you are graduating, this is the time to look for and apply for those jobs that will begin your life’s journey on the desired career path.

If you are not graduating, you could also get a job in your desired career field, but you definitely need to be looking to grab at least an internship.

There are no excuses to not apply or reach out to companies or the like. There are job fairs that will be hosted on campus in the near future and attending those are important.

One big thing to start doing, more so than just applying for internships or jobs, is to network yourself. Going to those fairs and talking to as many people as possible helps get your name out there and shows multiple people that you have initiative.

Even if they do not hand you an offer right away, or for this summer, they will still have your name for a possible future position.

You also have to look in the most obvious spots for networks and possible opportunities.

Go around your department and ask professors if they know of anything, and keep an eye out for posters or announcements online about possibilities.

We all have a very big resource sitting one call away: our parents.

Think about it; your parents have been working for a while now.

They have met people and know people who have many different connections that could yield some opportunities.

Taking the initiative to look for these jobs and internships does not take a lot of time; dedicate an hour or two and start marketing yourself because no one else can sell yourself like you can.

Applications typically do not even take that long, so there are no excuses anymore.

These jobs and internships are necessary to get any sort of step ahead in the utterly scary and quickly-approaching real world.

Every second you tell yourself that you can do it later is a second that others are already applying for the same position.

And, most importantly, do not freak out.

Sometimes it will take a bit for employers to get back to you. If you do not get a job or internship, it is not the end of the world. Keep looking and find some work; it still helps in the end.

Even go outside of your comfort zone or intended area if you have to or want to.

No matter what, the time to start your future is now.

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