Be safe, considerate of others at Unofficial

Staff Editorial

Well, we are just a few days away from one of Eastern’s favorite traditions: Unofficial.

Amid the stress and busyness of the semester, especially with midterms, this is understandably a much-anticipated break for many students.

For those who are not aware, in summary, Unofficial is an event starting Saturday morning where people go to three houses to drink and party.

To many, this weekend will serve as an opportunity to kick back and have fun. To some, this weekend will be an ordinary weekend because they are not interested in engaging. To other people, however, this weekend may bring discomfort (especially to those who live close to the festivities) or even fear.

We stand in full support of fun, but we would like to remind everyone who is going out to be considerate of other people and to have a general mindfulness of your behavior.

We’re not imposing a curfew or telling you to use your inside voices or anything like that. After all, this is a special holiday, so there is much reason to go crazy and have fun.

But we do want to remind you that just because it is a special occasion, doesn’t mean it is an excuse to break the law, disrespect anyone or compromise your health or safety in any way. This includes always keeping an eye on your drink and refraining from driving after you’ve been drinking.

There are people who will likely be scared to drive or go outside on Saturday, so be considerate of those people and show them that partying isn’t bad like they think it is (or at least that you’re not one of the “bad ones”).

Every person, whether partaking or not, most likely wants to have a nice and enjoyable Saturday; thus, it is important to follow the Golden Rule and not do anything that you wouldn’t want done if you were not involved in the festivities.

If you are planning to participate in Unofficial this weekend, stay safe out there, have fun and forget about school (and everything else) for the day.