Take care of your fur babies; keep them in warmth

Staff Editorial

Far too often, we see animals outside during this time of year when we are experiencing what can be frigid temperatures.

We at The Daily Eastern News disapprove of the way many animals are being treated in this weather. Regardless of what some people may think, these animals are not to be kept out in the freezing temperatures; they should be kept inside where it is warm and more suitable for them.

Many people believe that because dogs and cats have fur, they can handle the cold better than humans can. This may be true to an extent, but they can only handle it so much before they are freezing just like us.

Our advice, you may ask? Keep an eye out on what the temperatures in coming days are going to be. If you have an outside dog and you check at nighttime and see that the temperature the next day is going to be something outrageous like -20 degrees, go outside and bring the dog into your house.

I know that people have animals as outside pets for a reason, but it is important to care for them just as you would an inside pet. Outside pets need the love and care that they deserve, too.

We feel that anyone who does not bother to care for their pets has no business owning any. Pets are large responsibilities, and people who do choose to get them do not get the option of whether or not to care for them.

It does not matter if you have to bring your outside pet in and put them in the garage, as long as it is nice and warm and comfortable for them.

We also urge students to check their vehicles each time they start leave somewhere. It has been common for pets to hide on the top of wheels or underneath cars to try to keep warm. Do them a favor and check before you drive off.

Do not worry folks, spring will be here soon hopefully, and we will all feel much better, including our fur babies.