Politics matters; do your research on issues

Every day we hear something in the news about what President Trump, Congress and other politicians are doing. The real question is, do we fully understand what is going on?

We at The Daily Eastern News are all for students educating themselves on politics and the current issues our country and world are dealing with.

Yes, we hear about this wall that President Trump wants to build, and we’ve heard quite often how controversial of a situation it seems to be, but do we know why he wants to build the wall? Is there a specific reason why others do not want the wall?

We need to do some research on each issue. Find out what issues are most pressing, and decide if you have a particular opinion on that issue.

It really is not hard to do some research and form an opinion, based on how you feel.

It is also never too early to research the current candidates running for public office, particularly President of the United States.

What values do these candidates hold? Do they support or are they against what you feel the country needs?

And please do not limit yourself to one source. Most political topics have a variety of viewpoints on them, so do not be afraid to seek out opinions from both Republicans and Democrats.

There is a notion that people often hold where they feel they don’t need to know much about politics because they think that politics do not affect them.

This is so wrong. Politics are affecting each and every one of us in one way or another every single day, and we at The Daily Eastern News feel that everyone should do their research, take a stance on the issues most important to them and get involved with what their political leaders are doing.

You never know when you may be affected by a decision that your current political leader has made.

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