Take advantage of Career Services

Staff Editorial

Career Services on campus is an incredible resource to use when it comes to preparing for the job market or even looking for potential employers and internships.

However, we’re not entirely convinced that everyone utilizes this important resource. And yes, we’re speaking for ourselves too.

We sat down and thought about a few simple questions. For instance, “Do we know what makes a good resume?” or “How do I apply for internships/jobs and how many cover letters do I need?” or even, “What the heck is a cover letter?”

OK, for the last one we are clearly being facetious, but there is some validity in the other questions. Yes, we do know what a resume is and how to apply for things, but what we didn’t know is what we put in those resumes of ours.

Since, we’re thinking about that, then we know our peers are, too.

Now more than ever we feel under pressure to either find an internship or apply for a million jobs and pray to whatever eternal being we believe in that we find one that takes us.

But, how can we make ourselves look appealing to a future employer if we don’t even know what to put in our resumes?

That’s why we recommend going to Career Services.

We have the luxury of reaching out to several of our professors to ask about what we can put in our resumes and to go over our cover letters and to even go the extra mile to help us find those internship opportunities or job offers.

But, we know some people might not have that option, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So that’s where Career Services becomes so beneficial, and it doesn’t just stop with resume help or job-hunting assistance.

The Spring Job and Internship Fair is Wednesday, and it’s open to all students of all majors.

There is where you meet employers and network to capture a glimmer of hope for your future prospects.

Odds are there is something there for you, even if it is just the experience to meet someone who might interview you in the future.

All in all it’s great practice and you have nothing to lose.

Just remember, there are plenty of chances to network and look for internships, and so on and so forth.

If you want to take it to the next level and go beyond Career Services then reach out to alumni in your major and network that way or ask some of your professors for advice.

You have time, just, you know, don’t blow it. Right?