Your vote does matter

Nothing in life comes easy.

Yes, yes that is the biggest cliche ever, we get that, but there is some validity to that, especially in regard to voting.

The day after Election Day is more annoying and difficult to stomach than any day leading up to it or the actual day of.

Why? Well, it’s because people regardless of party or beliefs come out their dimly lit rooms and complain about how unhappy they are with the results and question why they voted in the first place. That’s the most upsetting comment to come from anyone: “Why did I vote in the first place?”

Because your voice matters, regardless of what happens.

OK, we’ll admit it, some of us are unhappy about the Coles County election results and results for the 110th Illinois District and 15th Congressional House District, but some of us are happy about it.

However, regardless of how we feel, none of us feel like our vote did not matter.

That’s what we want everyone to remember.

It matters because change doesn’t happen instantaneously. It happens over time, and just look at the turnout.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago voter turnout is the highest for midterms since 1998.

According to the Associated Press, early voting numbers are the highest they’ve been since 2014.

All across the country people are seeing higher turnouts compared to years before, and that’s incredible. It feels like for once people are taking this voting thing seriously, and that’s what matters.

It’s easy to be upset about the results, but don’t feel like your vote didn’t matter just because you don’t see immidiate change.

Things are changing; you just won’t see it right away, so hang in there.