Feedback is valuable

We at The Daily Eastern News are no strangers to feedback.

Whether positive or negative, we have heard a lot of response from our readers over the years. And although our editorial board changes from year to year so we specifically have not had the chance to consider everything that was ever said or suggested, we value and contemplate what we do hear, and we consider the criticisms we receive in order to improve our newspaper.

Not only do we hear a lot of feedback, but we give it, too. Part of being a leader is to help improve teammates, too. We at The Daily Eastern News coach our reporters by reading their stories with them and suggesting ways to change them. We also provide feedback to photographers and other editors about how to improve their work.

Every student, faculty, and community member alike has received criticism at some point in life.

Ideally, every mistake a person makes will be fixed, but sometimes, mistakes are made repeatedly without the person ever acknowledging that what they were doing was wrong; they just didn’t pay attention.

Now, it is one thing to simply forget something that was taught once; as students, we take in a lot of information that we are supposed to learn every day. It is also understandable to struggle with a concept despite previous efforts to learn, such as a complex mathematical or grammatical concept.

But often, simple mistakes could be fixed if a person only paid attention to feedback that they have been given repeatedly. No one should make the same mistake on several assignments in a class, for example, when their teacher has knocked off points for it every time. What is the point of feedback if it is purposely ignored and if the person doesn’t even try to improve?

College is stressful. That causes some lack of motivation, and we at The Daily Eastern News can certainly relate. At the same time, what benefit will arise by doing the bare minimum every time?

That’s why we at The Daily Eastern News encourage students to pay attention to feedback and learn from it.

The ability to take criticism is important in almost any job. Further, it helps you grow as a person.

We at The Daily Eastern News want all staff, students, and the community in general to maximize their potential.

No one is perfect, and mess-ups happen. However, your come out much stronger when you make an effort to listen and learn.