Don’t get too stressed over midterms

Staff Editorial

Midterms start next week, and most college students are probably stressing out right now.

It will be fine. Just take a breath and figure out what you are going to do.

Do not drink too much this weekend; we at The Daily Eastern News feel that schoolwork should be prioritized over drinking and social events. Eastern will always be fun, so taking one weekend off from partying will not be the end of the world.

Try to hold off on the coffee and energy drinks. Yes, they will give you energy, but those drinks will make you crash eventually, and that will not be good if you still have a whole other paper to write. Try healthier methods to gain energy like getting some extra sleep or having an apple in the morning.

Plan ahead for the next few days and figure out what you are doing on each day, whether that is studying, writing papers, working on projects and etc. If you have a job, plan with your work schedule so you will not be tearing your hair out at work.

Sometimes studying in a group is an efficient method for retaining information. Even if your friends do not have the same classes, their inputs can help you when you are studying. On the contrary, if you need to get away from people and study by yourself, try going to the library. It is always quiet there, and they have an abundance of resources to help you with your studies.

Remember to take breaks during your schoolwork. If you go on and on without a break, you will do very bad work and not retain as much information. Get some food, watch some TV, play a video game or do whatever you find most relaxing during your breaks.

Midterms are important. They are worth a large percentage of your grade, but do not get too stressed out about it. As long as you plan ahead and use the advice listed above, you should be fine.