Feminism is not the same as man-hating

When people hear the word feminist, different images may pop into their heads.

They may think of a liberal fanatic wearing a pink hat and screaming into the void about the patriarchy, or maybe a left-wing goddess who doesn’t shave her legs to shove it to the patriarchy and who subtly thinks herself above the entire male population.

In reality, both of these images are as different as they are harmful.

Feminists, real and true modern feminists, are nothing like these imagined extremes.

Those harmful stereotypes, especially the man-hating one, are used by those who oppose feminism to destroy it.

If you only look at the minority of extreme feminists while ignoring the majority, you are playing into the hands of those who feel threatened by feminism and want to destroy it or, at the very least, squash the movement.

Just the ‘me too’ movement is proof that we still are very much in need of a strong feminist movement, one that advocates for victims and holds accused accountable for their actions. One that fights for equal pay in all workplaces and for women to be taken as seriously as their male counterparts.

This version of feminism, the real version, is one everyone can and should get behind.

Support the mothers, sisters, daughters, but mostly support the people who deal with very real sexism on a daily basis.

She shouldn’t have to validate her existence through her relationship to a man for you to care; stand as a feminist for the good of the world.

Be a strong, intersectional feminist who stands strong for all women of all races and classes.

Look past the stereotypes and figure out what feminism means to you and the best actions you can take to incorporate it into your life and work.

Pay attention, and stay strong in your values and morals. Fight against injustice, and fight for the future.