Make time to do what is important

Staff Editorial

The school year is in full swing, and students are regularly doing homework and studying.

Along with this new routine comes productivity, self-determination and, unfortunately, stress that gradually builds.

Usually a little stress is a good thing; it keeps us on our toes and helps us stay productive.

But with too much stress, there is a desire to stop caring as much with the hopes of saving ourselves. When due dates pile on and learning concepts become more difficult, it is easy to let ourselves break the routine, retreat to the comfort of our beds, skip a couple classes and lose our motivation.

And there are some weeks when that’s okay. Mental health is important, and we must take care of ourselves.

However, we cannot let bad habits take over and send us down a path that will make everything feel even worse in the end.

Not to mention, our lives are only just beginning as college students. We have so much more difficult tasks ahead of us, that we have to learn how to manage what we have on our plates now.

Good things do not come without struggle; we must work to do well, and that includes going to class, doing homework, and even going the extra step because it will provide more benefit overall.

Remember what you care about and what you should be caring about. When you don’t make time to do something, it is appropriate to ask: Is this something I don’t have time to do, or is this something that I am choosing not to make time for?

Make sure you are at least taking care of yourself, maintaining healthy habits both mentally and physically.

Give yourself time to do everything you ought to do. Make a list and do it.

Wake up earlier to say a prayer, if that is what you believe in. Make yourself shower when you’re feeling dirty. Cook yourself a healthy meal at mealtimes. Set aside time to do something fun and relax a bit.

If you are already feeling your motivation falter, even quick tasks like making your bed can help you to regain it.

Until then, try to resist skipping class just because you “don’t feel like it.”

Bad habits might make you feel better temporarily, but in the long run, they come back in the form of extreme stress. So just don’t do it.

Try to pay attention and learn. Soon, most of us won’t have that opportunity anymore.

So make the most of what college is, don’t let yourself fall into bad habits and take care of yourself.