Explore your talents working for the newspaper

Staff Editorial

As a student publication, we want to get students involved and enjoy working for us.

The purpose of The Daily Eastern News is to share the news of what occurs at Eastern, but we also strive to have journalism students and any other students interested get involved and develop experience in print journalism.

Working for any job can be stressful, and we have had stressful times, but one of the best things about us is that we always seem to make it through.

We have had several employees come to us and want to work, and we try to fit them in the best category that represents what they are interested in.

Working in any publication, you are prone to learn the tricks of almost every position so we encourage students to come visit the newsroom at any time.

Some people are interested in photography and simply like going out and taking photos.

We have plenty of opportunities for students to take photos for us.

Some students like to write, and that can range from writing out their opinions to reporting on what is going on.

We have plenty of reporting positions and columnist positions.

These are great positions for students to get involved and get a better hands-on idea of what they may be doing in their future if they choose to work in the journalism field.

We also encourage students who are non-journalism majors to come and check out the newsroom.

We have had several students work for us that do not even major in journalism but they still like to write or take photos.

The Daily Eastern News is open to anyone and everyone on campus who is interested.

We encourage anyone who thinks they may be interested or feels that they may have a future in journalism to come and visit the newsroom at any time during the week.

From the printing press, to the photo desk and to the copyediting desk, there are so many interesting things to see.

At times it seems that we will never be able to get the paper out on time, but in any job position there is stress that lingers.

The stress we have at The Daily Eastern News only pushes us to work harder and do better to print out a decent, news-worthy and well-designed paper.

At the end of the day, our work is all about informing the staff and students of Eastern, and we do our best to make that happen.