City Council amends fishing policies for Lake Charleston

Mary Ellen Greenburg, Staff Photographer

An amendment was made to an ordinance on fishing in Lake Charleston, and an amendment was placed on file for public inspection for traffic schedules on University Drive.

There was an amendment made to ordinance 7-4-3 for fishing restrictions made on September 25, 2017.

According to the agenda, the side channel reservoir, the lower reservoir and water controlled by the city below the said reservoir in Lake Charleston, now fishing in the lake will be in compliance and consistent with the rules and regulations of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the laws of the State of Illinois.

There was much discussion about amending an ordinance for title 6 chapter 2, for traffic schedules to create truck routes on University Drive.

Residents on Taft Avenue, have requested that the city deny heavy trucks hauling grain and gravel.

The council is concerned that the residents on University Drive have not been properly informed about this to get, and need to get their opinion and feelings on the situation, due to the fact that this is the slow season when most people are not paying attention to the events of the council meetings.

The council wants to have time for these residents to be informed of the discussion and situation being proposed.

They decided to place the issue on file for public inspection, and to be followed up at an upcoming council meeting after Curt Buescher, Director of Public Works, has had time to evaluate the situation on University Drive, and see if there is a reason for these changes and to speak with some of those residents.

“How can we get the word out to the people on Taft and to the people on University that we are talking about this?” Buescher said.

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