10 foundation secrets for a flawless, beautiful finish

Abiola Alafe, Fashion Columnist

These ten secrets will walk you through how to apply your liquid foundation. They are actually simple and easy to follow, and they guarantee a flawlessly beautiful finish.

1. Always make sure your face is freshly cleaned and moisturized before applying your liquid foundation.

2. Make sure you select your foundation carefully, considering your skin type. For a natural look, your foundation should match your skin tone. Test your foundation along your jaw line. You will know your color when it disappears into your skin.

3. To make foundation last, apply moisturizer first; it gives the foundation a base. Dry skin will soak up the foundation if not given that base. For oily skin: use an oil-free moisturizer.

4. Apply dabs of liquid foundation onto cheeks, chin, eyelids, forehead and nose bridge.

5. After applying the dabs of foundation, smooth it out with a sponge, making sure not to pull or stretch the skin. Pull each dab of foundation out to provide even coverage.

Note: If you use your fingers to apply the foundation, make sure they are clean.

6. When applying liquid foundation, you can use a sweeping or circular motion, depending on your preference. Just make sure it evens out.

7. To cover up imperfections, apply your foundation first then apply your concealer. Acne and blemishes cover up better when you use a foundation before a concealer. Make sure you apply enough so that it goes below the area you want to cover up.

8. After applying foundation and concealer, apply the powder all over your face to set the liquid foundation and help minimize the shine. Make sure you powder on the bridge of your nose, ears, underneath the brow bone, neck, shoulder and temples.

9. Always use a foundation with a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF to prevent future sun damage.

10. After you apply foundation, concealer and powder, go near a window to make sure it looks natural. Natural light is the ultimate test.

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