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The beauty industry profits from socialized insecurity

Zoë Donovan, Staff Reporter

July 12, 2019

Human beings can be traced back to using beauty products and cosmetics for more than 6,000 years with that of Ancient Egypt and its use of kohl to accentuate the eyes. The cosmetic and makeup industry that exists today is worth more than $532 billion, and it is estimated to reach $832 billion by 2024,...

Fashion, expression should be gender neutral

Andrew Paisley, Opinions Editor

April 14, 2019

I’ve always believed that fashion should be gender neutral. Most people would disagree, but I think that if a guy chooses to wear high heels, that is his decision and it should not be criticized. This weekend I went with my suite mates to get a manicure and pedicure, and they talked me into getting...

Wearing makeup should not be standard

Karena Ozier, Columnist

April 8, 2019

When I was in elementary school, I remember coming home and playing dress-up with my sister. We would play with fake makeup and act like we were adults. As I got older, the fake makeup became real makeup that we would lather on our faces. Eventually my friends began to wear makeup to school. I stopped...

10 foundation secrets for a flawless, beautiful finish

Abiola Alafe, Fashion Columnist

March 22, 2018

These ten secrets will walk you through how to apply your liquid foundation. They are actually simple and easy to follow, and they guarantee a flawlessly beautiful finish. 1. Always make sure your face is freshly cleaned and moisturized before applying your liquid foundation. 2. Make sure you select...

Gender does not define rules of fashion

Andrew Paisley, Campus Reporter

January 9, 2018

Many people believe that because you are a certain gender, you have to have a certain type of fashion. For instance, girls wear makeup and purses, while guys wear baseball caps and carry wallets in their back pockets. For me, I do not think that your gender should define what you can and cannot...

Makeup industry inclusiveness benefits companies, consumers

Abbey Whittington, Associate News Editor

October 6, 2016

As the popularity of makeup increases, so does the controversy of what makeup brands to use. With more individuals purchasing makeup, the industry needs to make sure they are reaching the widest audience possible to buy their products. More and more people have been doing full faces of makeup;...

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