Research is essential to success

Staff Editorial

Conducting research and writing about your findings is essential to a college career. That being said, we cannot help but notice the lack of enthusiasm when it comes to approaching research topics.

It seems as though there is just one empty complaint after another when it comes to a research paper assignment. When our peers see it on a syllabus they roll their eyes and the complaining begins.

Then of course, many people (and we’re speaking from experience) tend to wait until the very last minute to haphazardly piece together a paper based on the first five sources found in the Booth Library database.

But, can you imagine the grade you will get if you actually tried? Can you imagine the conclusions you will draw from the discoveries you encountered by scouring countless databases or conducting survey after survey, experiment after experiment?

Research topics and papers should be taken seriously and given priority.

We realize how difficult and mundane conducting research can be, and we understand the effort it takes to deliver that research in a coherent essay that explains every step without sounding like you plagiarized everyone who contributed to the world of academia.

However, it is possible to look past those initial reactions to the thought of research and produce an A+ worthy paper that you can submit for grants or scholarships.

Have faith in yourself, your writing and your research skills, and if you do not harbor that faith then for Pete’s sake ask for help. Just make sure when you do ask for a helping hand, it is not a week before the paper is due.