Feel good by volunteering

Staff Editorial

We at The Daily Eastern News have a secret to share with you:

It feels good to do good.

Too often we see that there is still a need to fill the spots that are remaining with all of the volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community.

Too often we see that the world seems to be taking more than it can give to those that inhabit it.

Too often we fail to see that we have the ability to give and make up for some part of what the world has taken and continues to take.

At Eastern, whether we are students or faculty, we have that ability to give our time to volunteer at one or more of the many organizations that the Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteerism pairs up with and promotes on campus.

It would not hurt to exchange the time we tend to usually reserve for naps and Netflix binges for a few hours with rescued dogs and cats at the animal shelter or a day at the food pantry helping people pick out their groceries.

There are many volunteer opportunities that are not only calling out to us to be a part of, but can also pique one of our interests and be fun, reflective and life-changing.

Finding these opportunities is easier than you think. Often, we cover them. Most of the time, there are fliers and signs around campus advertising them. And always, the office and their website is available to direct interested volunteers to a cause that needs and deserves our time and attention.