Remember to be careful on the road

Staff Report

After yet another vehicle hit Marty’s, we at The Daily Eastern News would like to go on the record to say that it is always important to be careful when driving.

We do not want to place blame or judge anyone; we just think that safety is something that is important to keep in mind, no matter what you are doing.

Yes, we realize many of you have been driving since you were 16.

In fact, you are probably the best driver you know, by your own standards.

However, accidents can happen to anyone.

A split second where your eyes are off the road could put you in a precarious situation.

You might get tired of hearing it, but it is always better safe than sorry—especially in winter, when roads are slick and the snow is making it hard to see on the road.

If you find you are always in a hurry to get somewhere, start planning your day out ahead of time.

Wake up a little earlier so you are not in a rush.

And if you are truly running late one day, instead of speeding, take the consequences. Avoiding a punishment is not worth potentially losing your life.

If someone cuts you off, call them whatever foul names you need to in your head and be done with it.

Do not continue engaging with them or picking fights.

It is not worth your time. Just chalk it up to their idiocy and bask in the glory of what a superior driver you are.