Use break to prepare for the ‘real world,’ jobs

Staff Report

The future is often a nebulous, scary concept, especially in college. Through classes, work, trying to keep up a social life and more, it is often easy to forget that students are essentially in a transition phase of their lives.

The college years, as permanent as they feel now, are only temporary. Eventually, graduation hits, and it is time to enter the real world.

Of course, this is not something we always think about going through the day-to-day responsibilities of a student. However, preparing for the future is something that is beneficial and should not be neglected. Students can, and should, start trying to do everything to better themselves to find a career as soon as possible.

Even as an underclassman, going to career fairs can be beneficial. This way, you can start getting more comfortable and at ease at similar events and be better able to express yourself and be interviewed in a professional setting when the time comes.

It might be nerve-racking to be around a bunch of upperclassmen, all dressed to the nines with resumes in their hands. However, if you are also just as prepared, you will look and feel like you belong. It is also important to take the initiative and apply to jobs and internships on your own as well.

This Thanksgiving break, it will be tempting to crawl into bed for seven days straight, only emerging from the covers to eat and make an appearance at dinner time.

Of course, having some time to one’s self and resting after a hectic semester is beneficial, and students should take time to rest.

However, in the midst of this week of recuperation, also plan out some time to really think about your future. Upperclassmen start making plans to apply for jobs this Thanksgiving break, when you are not rushing from class to work and back again. Underclassmen, think about going for some internships or starting to make a resume now, to have one less thing to do when you are searching for a job.

And when you get back from break, look for opportunities within your major to get more involved and get the experience that employers look for.

Experience, and keeping your grades up, will only make you more marketable, and show employers you already have a passion for the field you want to go into. The “real world” is only getting closer with every passing day, and it is a competitive world out there.

Do not be afraid to go for every opportunity and chance there is to take.