Continue Homecoming spirit throughout the semester

Staff Report

Homecoming may be over but the memories created this Homecoming by passionately participating in activities with friends and family will be an integral part of many students’ college experience.

For activities after the festivities of Homecoming, it takes that passion for Eastern and the dedication Homecoming often brings out to make these programs truly great.

We still have nearly half a semester left before winter break. This means we have around a month and a half to stay engaged in not only schoolwork, but also to help make the entire college community experience the best it can be.

If no one is involved it is hard for performances and other activities to run smoothly. Even if the student and faculty leaders try their hardest, it is always more fun when people come together to show support for their fellow community members.

Being involved could be going to an open mic to support a few friends, going to a meeting of one Eastern’s various registered student organizations, going to the open Council on Academic Affairs or Faculty Senate meetings, or even going to a game or meet to support our teams.

Whatever interests a student has, there is something the student could get involved with on campus that could incorporate those interests.

Getting involved does not always mean a huge time commitment. Although there is almost nothing better than putting time into something you are passion about to make a difference, it is also rewarding to participate in small ways from time to time.

People should be able to get involved in some aspect of this community no matter where they work, what their religion is, what their ethnicity is or where they are from.

This community should make everyone on campus feel like an important part of it, because each person brings strengths that can make the community greater by sharing them.

We are all here to learn and grow and becoming more involved in the community can often accomplish both of those goals.

Plus, it is opportunity for lifelong friendships to be forged out of shared experiences. If we showed even half of the school spirit we did around Homecoming time, memories just as special as the ones of Homecoming festivities could be forged every day.

It is great to see the positive responses students, alumni and faculty alike had to Homecoming weekend.

The fact is each person on this campus has the option to let that spirit go, or carry it with them for the rest of the semester.

It is possible to keep getting those positive responses for all different types of events if only people stay engaged.

We can make Eastern a lively campus with tons of activities if we only put dedication towards them.

When it comes down to it college life is what each person makes it. Whatever we do, it is almost impossible to leave college without making some memories to reflect on throughout our lifetimes.

As with any other point in our lives, we should do our best to make great memories, great friends and do great work that we can stand by and be proud of long after our Homecomings have faded into the past.