Anonymous art show to make “no pretense”


Chrissy Miller

Sage Spencer and Alysia Klein hang art in preparation for the “No Pretense” art show, which is to be held Wednesday in the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

Chrissy Miller, Campus Reporter

The Art Association is hosting their first ever “No Pretense” art show, in which students are allowed to submit their art without the stress of having their names or the titles of their work on display.

The show will be from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Doudna Fine Arts Center Room 1910.

Along with the exhibit, a free Thanksgiving dinner will be provided for viewers and artists alike.

Alysia Klein, president of the Art Association, said she was inspired to create this free exhibit from an art show she participated in earlier in the year called “Art is Kind of, Sort of Dead.”

“We’re giving them the opportunity to put things in that they don’t have to worry that they’re going to be judged for,” Klein said.

Klein said the Art Association has been planning this show for about a month. The art show will have works from around 20 artists, including both students and faculty.

Klein said not having the artists’ names shown allows them to show their work without having to worry about being self-conscious. She said it gives them the chance to go against the traditional ideas of an art gallery by not having it centered around egos, only the mediums and money.

“It gives students a chance for freedom, and they can say what they want to,” Klein said. “Especially in times like these, there is almost like a call for artists. It’s time for us to really step up and be a part of our communities and help in any way we can to be a more accepting and understanding world.”

Although Klein said she prefers a freer form of arranging the art, she said it is important to display it in a way that viewers will find appealing as well.

“There is a certain melding of a more academic structure with artistic freedom,” Klein said. “It’s about the students and giving them the opportunity to show their work.”

Sage Spencer, co-curator of the show, said helping people enter their works has been her favorite part of being involved in this show. She said she enjoys the less serious, more fun nature of this show compared to others.

Spencer said people are more willing to submit artwork when they do not have to put their name on it.

“Since it’s anonymous, people get more excited about it because they’re not insecure or ashamed to put their art up, which they shouldn’t be to begin with,” Spencer said.

She said this art show is made to be a no-judgment zone where anyone can come and be accepted.

Spencer said she hopes to make this art show an annual event for the Art Association.

“I just want to see how people will interact with it,” Klein said. “I don’t know exactly what people will say. It may be business as usual, but it may provide this totally interesting new unexpected element that wouldn’t be there.”


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