Column: Trump is the reason

Jehad Abbed, Staff Reporter

GOP candidate Donald Trump faced his own share of adversity this week as Ted Cruz was given the victory of a canceled Colorado primary.

I, like many people, who would not care about the results of the Republican primaries see that this is definitely a sign of something bad for both sides.

To be honest, I am scared for the voting process and the right for American citizens to vote.

I do not feel bad at all for Donald Trump. He can tweet all he wants about how unfair this decision is and continue to passive-aggressively refer to Colorado as “the great state of,” but I have no remorse for Trump.

My wall between sympathy and Trump gets 10 feet higher every day. This Republican primary process may be unfair to the voters and mostly unfair to his delegate count, but what he does every day is unfair.

Trump makes headlines every day whether it is on broadcast news or print news.  He, along with the media, has turned the presidential race into a game show.

We find ourselves talking less about the strategies these candidates would use to improve our country and protect it, and talking more about the strategies they use to make each other look stupid every day.

I am not saying the GOP was not headed in this direction anyway, but Trump is the reason it has reached this point this quickly.

Trump is the reason we are voting against ideas instead of for ideas.

Trump is the reason we have a growing divide between African-American people and Caucasian people in 2016.

Trump is the reason we have people who actually believe every person who has trouble speaking English is here illegally in the U.S.

Trump is the reason we have a resurrection of post-9/11 fear spreading into our communities.

Trump is the reason there are people who cannot see past my name even though I am a blue-eyed and fair-skinned Caucasian male.

Trump is the reason his followers think they are fighting for something that is right.

He is a rich man who was born a rich man, and people seem to think he represents the American dream.

He has followers who think his “success” is a direct result of his hard work and determination, not the hundreds of millions of dollars he was born into.

Now these same followers think the ideas he is campaigning on are essential to the pursuit of happiness, and therefore success.

Trump is the reason people become violent in the face of his campaign and he knows it. His campaign has created a unified population of people who want to get rid of other populations of people.

That is not adversity, that is terrorism.

Jehad Abbed is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].