Tuggers finish semi-finals, prepare for Saturday

Stephanie Markham, Editor-in-Chief

Six teams secured their victories in Friday’s semi-final Tugs competition and will move on to Saturday’s championship rounds.

Sigma Nu and Lambda Chi Alpha took victories Friday in the Big Men’s division, while Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha won for the Little Men’s division.

In the women’s division, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Alpha both defeated their opponents.

The only team to triumph from the west side of the pond on Friday was Alpha Sigma Alpha, while all other winners competed from the east side closest to campus.

Sigma Nu took a quick lead over Sigma Pi in the first Big Men’s round Friday. Sigma Pi swayed over to one side and fought to stay grounded until being pulled into the pond at 3 minutes, 4 seconds.

Lambda Chi Alpha took down Sigma Phi Epsilon a bit faster in the next Big Men’s round with a time of 1 minute, 17 seconds.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon stole a quick advantage against Sigma Pi in the first Little Men’s round, pulling them into the pond at 1 minute, 55 seconds.

The quickest Tug of the day came during the next Little Men’s round, when Lambda Chi Alpha pulled Sigma Alpha Epsilon tuggers down to the ground and then into the pond in just 15 seconds.

The women’s rounds started off with Sigma Sigma Sigma defeating Sigma Alpha Tau in 1 minute, 5 seconds.

In the final round of the day, Alpha Sigma Alpha made a comeback after first losing the snap and taking a few steps back. The team then defied their odds being on the side where five other teams had just lost to pull Alpha Phi into the pond in 2 minutes, 42 seconds.

Tugs finals will begin at noon Saturday at the Campus Pond.

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