Column: Dear Donald: I have a request for you

Jehad Abbed, Staff Reporter

*This column originally was printed in the Wednesday March 9 edition of The Daily Eastern News 

Let me make this as clear as possible; I do not support Donald Trump and his silly presidential campaign at all.  I truly believe he is just playing the part of some character that really does not represent who he is at all.

Trump is playing off the emotions of the scared, ignorant, closed-minded and uneducated population, which apparently makes up a convincing percentage of the Republican Party.

As ridiculous as the idea is of having a president who has made appearances in movies like Home Alone 2, hosted his own reality television series and has been given “The Stunner” by Stone Cold Steve Austin, it is still a very realistic possibility.

We have to prepare for it just as we have to prepare for the chance of being involved in a car accident on our morning commute. It is very possible, but we sure as hell hope it does not happen.

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” That’s all fine, and I truly agree with the sentiment. I mean America has some downsides, but I am unable to honestly say I would prefer another country.

But let us talk about some really simple issues, which would really make us great again. People do not come to America for the cool political leaders; they come for the enhanced quality of life and the sense of product availability.

I am right now, if he wins the election, calling for Trump to push America to be the best Internet provider. Internet as we know it was created in the United States and yet we have nowhere near the best Internet speeds in the world.

The United States barely edges its way into the top 10 countries for Internet speeds, according to an Akamai Technologies report. Eastern European countries have us beat.

That is right. There are people in the Czech Republic who have never seen their Netflix stream drop from impeccable high definition to blurred faces for 10 minutes.

That is not fair. This is America. We should be a country of frontiersmen and women, leaders not followers.

We already know where Trump stands on the topic of free speech. Spoiler alert: he does not like it. I am not sure how such a poor sport unable to take criticism that forces away those expressing their First-Amendment right thinks he can make America great again.

Jehad Abbed is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].