CUPB to elect new executives

Cassie Buchman, Administration Editor

The Council on University Planning and Budgeting will have elections at their first meeting of the academic year 2 p.m Friday in the 1895 room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.
Dave Emmerich, the current chair of the CUPB, said at the meeting the CUPB will elect the chair and the rest of the executive committee. They will also set up different subcommittees.
These subcommittees are for academic affairs, business affairs, student affairs, university advancement, and the President’s area.
A new chairperson and executive committee are elected each year.
There are new CUPB members every year.
Representatives from around campus all have different appointment lengths.
“ Some are 1 year, some are 2 year, some are 3 year appointments,” Emmerich said.
Emmerich said a typical meeting consists of going over old business, voting if necessary, and looking over and discussing new business. This is followed by subcommittee reports and administrative reports.
The CUPB will also go over reports from the President and the various Vice Presidents.
“The issues and topics to be discussed and voted are steered by the chair and executive committee,” Emmerich said.
Since this committee has not been formed yet, Emmerich said it would be hard for him to say what will be voted on and discussed.
The only items the CUPB will be voting on in this election is the chair and the monthly schedule for the next year.
Emmerich said there are already new members in September, and the executive committee will be re-formed. There is nothing on the schedule from last year.
Often, the September meeting is used to form different committees.
“Previous business from last year will be provided to the new executive committee for them to bring forward through the year as they see fit, if the business is still relevant,” Emmerich said.
This year, items discussed and presented will be budget status, enrollment, and recruitment efforts, facilities updates, and the varying planning and budget items brought to the CUPB by subcommittees and the administration.
More information about CUPB, membership, subcommittees, bylaws, and past meetings can be found on our website.


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