Weekend weather likely to be like Thursday’s


Jehad Abbed

Leah Holstein, a junior Family and Consumer Sciences major, notices the accumulation of snow on her car Thursday outside PP&W Properties. The temperature dropped to 21 degrees and snow began to stick as the sun went down.

Jarad Jarmon, Associate News Editor

Charleston is expected to see similar snowfall on Saturday and Sunday flurrying on and off throughout each day.

Eastern Climatologist Cameron Craig said there is a chance of snowfall over the weekend that will be slightly more intense compared to Thursday. He added the snow still is little to no accumulation as the ground is too warm.

There will be slight accumulation on things such as cars like on Thursday.

This is part of the same weather system that brought in the low temperatures that hit Charleston at the beginning of the week.

Craig said this does not predict the future of the snowfall for the winter. He said

“(People) think, ‘Oh, this is a another snow system. That means more snow, more frequent snow.’ No, it doesn’t mean that,” Craig said.

The snowfall on Thursday was just wrap-around precipitation, which is where moisture follows the south end of a low-pressure system. Craig explained this was just part of the current weather system exiting the region.

Normally, November sees little accumulation over the month. The 30-year average states that November normally sees only 1 to 2 inches total in the entire month. December sees 5 inches on average.

While it might not predict what is to come for Charleston weather, Craig said this weather does have an effect on people.

“It is the type of snowfall that gets people excited about Christmas,” Craig said.

Temperatures are expected to increase to the upper 30s by Monday.

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