CUPB reviews purchasing process, committee positions

Debby Hernandez, Administration Editor

The Council on University Planning and Budget reviewed issues on the university’s purchasing process and elected members to serve in the council committees Friday.

Paul McCann, the interim vice president for business affairs, delivered information on problems with the university procurement process as a result of new regulations.

Illinois Senate Bill 51, which took effect in 2010, made changes to the procurement code for higher education, adding regulations and restricting the way universities contract with groups.

Illinois House Bill 5491 was passed in August and will take effect in January 2015.

One provision of HB 5491 limits what third party providers are acceptable, according to bill synopsis.

McCann said the bill has further complicated Eastern’s purchasing process, in particular with the local group called Midwestern Higher Education Compact.

“We have probably 20 years or so been a member of that, and have been able to purchase things such as property insurance, computers and student insurance through that group,” he said.

He said the group has allowed them to buy off contracts that are negotiable.

McCann said the problem continues with restrictions from the Chief Procurement Officer.

“The CPO is attempting to limit our ability to access that group along other multi-state purchasing organizations,” he said. “If restricted, our costs will go up.”

Efforts to resolve the problem will continue to be made, he said.

The CUPB also elected members to serve on its committees, including David Emmerich as the new council chair, replacing Allen Lanham.

Under the executive committee, six other members were chosen including Grant Sterling representing academic affairs, Pamela Naragon for student affairs, Jonathan McKenzie for university advancement, Jack Cruikshank as the student representative, Kathlene Shank as the dean representative, and Christine Edwards representing the council at large.

The budget transfer committee now consists of five people with Gloria Leitschuh, Steven Daniels, Melissa Gordon, Timothy Zimmer and Lynette Drake as members.

Three members were also elected to serve in each of the five subcommittees, which are president’s area, business affairs, university advancement, academic affairs and student advancement.


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