I’m talking about Kim Kardashian whether you like it or not

We’re going to pick up right where we left off from last week and continue talking about everyone’s favorite topic, Kim Kardashian. Though some people may be boycotting Kim Kardashian, I am not. What those people don’t understand is that I have a blog to write. If we start boycotting Kim Kardashian, I might have next to nothing to talk about/make fun of. I like covering Kim Kardashian because the jokes practically write themselves. If I couldn’t write about Kim Kardashian this blog would be a lot less funny than it already is.

A lot of people like to hate Kim Kardashian, but what I hate more is all the people who hate Kim Kardashian. I feel like I’m sounding very Chris Crocker-ish, but it’s the truth. If people are truly tired of hearing about my darling, beautiful, big ol’ booty havin’ Kim Kardashian, then they need to stop reading all the tabloid and blog articles about her (except this one).

That’s how you let people know you don’t want to hear about Kim Kardashian. Not by some stupid petition that won’t work. When has a petition ever accomplished anything? I’ll tell you. Never.

So, in respect for my non-Kim-Kardashian-interested readers, feel free to skip the next paragraph.

Kim’s ex-publicist is claiming that her marriage to Kris Humphries was staged, but then Kim’s lawyer was all, “No you di’int!“, saying it was totally legit. Her ex-publicist also says that Kim still hasn’t gotten over Reggie Bush. If Kim really did only marry for money, then that makes total sense, seeing as how Reggie Bush is actually going to have a job this year, unlike Kris.


If you skipped the last paragraph, I’m glad to have you back. So, let’s continue.

“Actress” Sasha Grey caused a bit of a stir up when she read books to some elementary school children in Compton. In her defense, this is probably the first time in a very long time these children have ever been read to, let alone seen a book. A lot of great people have come straight outta Compton, and now maybe they’ll learn a few things outside of the “power of street knowledge” and learn actual knowledge. Parents are saying that Sasha isn’t a great role model, but to be fair, the city of Compton isn’t exactly supplying that themselves.

Some parents were exceptionally mean to Sasha, saying she “sucks and blows at everything she does”. I know it sounds mean, but there actually is an ounce of truth to that statement.