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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

    Editorial Cartoon: A United Government

    I’ll admit, I am getting pretty excited about the upcoming Fall 2008 graduation ceremony. While finding a job in my career field (to pay for graduate school) is mildly stressful, I am still thrilled at the prospect of finally obtaining my Bachelor’s degree and entering the workforce.

    What will make everything real to me is participating in graduation. But from what I hear from former graduates and those graduating this year, many did not or do not plan on taking part in the festivities, and I find that to be quite a shock that they care so little about what graduation means.

    As graduation ceremonies go, most people appear to remember high school. In general it seems to consist of a formal, if not stiff, procession, dull administrative lectures and student speeches, the tedious wait for names to be called to walk upon stage and receive a fake certificate and the swift departure into the frenzy of ecstatic families waiting to take hundreds of posed photos. Maybe this is why so many graduating seniors do not want to take part in the college graduation ceremony. Plus, it’s not forced. So why do it? I’ve compiled a short list of just why.

    Top Five Reasons Why You Should Participate in the Graduation Ceremony

    5) Date night: It could finally be the time you muster up enough courage to ask someone out on a date; well, kind of a date. “So, Ashley, you gonna be at graduation? Cool, me too. So, um, I guess I’ll see you there, and maybe we can do something later. Oh, you’re moving? Well, maybe some other time then.”

    4) Play dress-up: Aside from the constant stream of interviews you should be going on, you might not have had much of a chance to wear formal attire. This is the chance to go glam as you go out with a bang. And it’s always nice to reinforce your ego by showing your former classmates just how sexy you can look.

    3) The cap and gown: What can be more stylish or flattering than basic black? But let’s not forget the tassel – that alone will give you endless entertainment as you wait for your name to be called.

    2) Your family: They will cheer, they will cry, they will forever immortalize you on the family photo wall at home, smiling a big cheesy one for the camera while displaying your hard-earned diploma. Plus, they’re probably going to take you to a fancy restaurant after the ceremony, so why not suffer a little bit so you can stuff your face later, free of charge.

    1) Personal satisfaction: Hooray, it’s over! (Unless you go to grad school, that is.) You made it through all the exams, papers, class discussions, smelly roommates and the repeated pulled fired alarms at Carman Hall only to come out a better, more educated person. Or so you and everyone else would hope.

    So no longer do I want to hear, “I’m not going to walk in graduation.” Feel proud about what you have accomplished, be happy for your family and cherish the time you have had here. Go. You never know, you may enjoy it.

    Rachel Eversole is a senior English major. She can be reached at 581-7942 or at [email protected].

      Editorial Cartoon: A United Government


      (Drawn from the news/Dylan Polk)


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