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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

    Editorial Cartoon

    The lawn outside of Old Main was covered with people stretching, some wearing shorts and trying to keep themselves warm as they prepared for the Homecoming 2.5K race.

    “There are more people than I thought,” said Kayla Levec as she stretched on the ground, preparing to participate in the race.

    The race, which was partly sponsored by McDonald’s, started at 9 a.m. on the south side intersection of Seventh Street and Lincoln Avenue on Saturday.

    Student Clint Coffey, an Ashmore native, won the race at seven minutes and 21 seconds in the male running division. Resident Colleen Kattenbraker won the race in the female running division. Robert Warren and Mae Doa won the male and female walking division, respectively.

    The race had the same route of the parade, up Seventh Street, turning at Jackson Avenue and continued down Sixth Street, ending at the Bank of America parking lot on Sixth Street and Lincoln Avenue.

    Anthony Sbertoli, a member of the Sigma Pi fraternity, was dressed as a bee in hopes to win the “Best Costume” award.

    “If I get first place, we win Homecoming as a fraternity,” Sbertoli said.

    Sbertoli said he does triathlons over the summer, so he was not worried about his performance at the race.

    “(It) shouldn’t be too hard,” he said.

    The sound of the marching bands warming up for the parade could be heard from the starting line. A few people danced along with the music in between stretches.

    Approximately one minute before the race began, John Pommier from the recreational administration department revved up the runners by telling them about the prizes.

    The runners were off, followed by a few joggers and some walkers.

    Only six minutes and 40 seconds later, the first runner appeared on the horizon heading toward the finish line.

    Coffey said he felt good about his performance, though admitted he felt he should have warmed-up more.

    “(I) liked the route, some downhill and some up – it’s a good route,” Coffey said.

    Luc Wozniak, a member of the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity, ended the race smiling.

    “It was pretty epic,” Wozniak said. “I want to thank EIU for sponsoring the event and McDonald’s for providing the food.”

    Although senior Derek Drudge did not register for the event, he still ran and was one of the first 10 people to finish.

    “I ran it because it’s my senior year, and I never ran it before,” Drudge said. “It’s a good way to wake up after drinking too much.”

    Before handing out the prizes, Pommier gathered the tired, cold runners around the prize table and congratulated them.

    “Thank you all for coming out,” Pommier said. “You all did a wonderful job on this beautiful day.”

    Sbertoli won the best costume prize, which was a McDonald’s gift bag. Some other prizes included EIU water bottles, flashing lights, a pass to the Student Recreation Center and an iPod shuffle. The iPod went to Wyatt Garrett, one of the few children that ran.

    The proceeds from the race went to the Charleston Park and Recreation Foundation, Inc.

    Sarah Jean Bresnahan can be reached at 581-7942 or at [email protected]

      Editorial Cartoon


      (Drawn from the news/Yotam Zohar)


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