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The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

The student news site of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

The Daily Eastern News

    Editorial Cartoon

    C.L. Lindsay said Eastern students party in the creepiest places.

    “It’s like ‘Silence of the Lambs’ creepy places,” he said.

    University Board, New Student Programs and the Athletic Department hosted the lecture “How to Keep Your Party Legal: Alcohol, the Law, and You” at the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union Wednesday night.

    C.L. Lindsay, a former attorney and expert on student rights, was the speaker for the night. He showed various pictures from of underage Eastern students drinking in different locations.

    Images such as students standing upside down on a keg stand and playing drinking games were displayed.

    Lindsay said he thinks students have a supposition that the Internet is private.

    “Every year it gets worse,” he said. “I guess common sense goes right out of the door.”

    Lindsay said pictures on Facebook or have no right to privacy.

    “One, (pictures) can be put into evidence in court, and one picture can be proof that you have broken the law on a campus setting,” he said. “You’re screwed.”

    During the presentation, Lindsay went over the Fourth Amendment right and how it is interpreted.

    “It’s a law based on what you think,” he said.

    Lindsay gave an example in a dorm room situation.

    “Basically, if they think you are breaking the rules, they get to come in your room and search,” he said.

    Lindsay also explained the importance of not having fake identification.

    “Anything that fraudulently says you are 21 can be a fake I.D.,” he said.

    Lindsay said usually one can end up with a $500 fine and community service if caught with a fake I.D.

    Lindsay gave students general suggestions when deciding to host a party.

    “First thing you got to do is watch noise,” he said.

    Lindsay said students should talk to their neighbors and let them know about a party that will be going on.

    “You can tell them about it and if there is a problem that occurs, have them call you and not the police,” he said.

    Lindsay said students should perform a perimeter sound check.

    “Try to watch the bass,” he said. “Try to set up things where they are not too loud.”

    Lindsay added students should not make a party a public event.

    “Never ever give out invitations,” he said.

    Lindsay said invitations are a bad idea.

    “That means police can probably come in without a warrant,” he said.

    Lindsay wants students to post signs on their door when hosting a party.

    “Have one that says ‘This is a private party,'” he said. “It protects you from people coming into the party doing something illegal.”

    He said a sign that reads “You must be 21 or older” should be posted.

    “Communicate to people in the community that you are obeying the laws,” Lindsay said.

    If the police do show up, be respectful, he added.

    “Don’t block, or touch a police officer,” he said.

    Lindsay added students do have the right not to agree to a search.

    He said these guidelines will help students become more responsible.

    “When you talk about the law and consequences, people get more responsible,” he said. “They.listen more when they realize that I can teach them something that can save their life.”

    Jessica Leggin can be reached at 581-7942 or at [email protected].

      Editorial Cartoon


      (Drawn to Amuse/Ian Winston)


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