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Mental illness is serious

Staff Editorial

September 3, 2018

There’s a silent killer rampaging throughout the world right now. It creeps in, or lays dormant, until it starts making life unbearable and unbelievably difficult. That ‘killer’ is mental illness, and we are all the victims. Despite the fact it is 2018 and we live in a modern, socially progressive world,...

End the stigma with mental illnesses

Kate Rehwinkel, Staff Reporter

September 3, 2018

I was recently told by someone that my mental illnesses are “all in my head” and that if I tried hard enough they would go away. First, I would like to say that that comment is completely false, but it is still believed by many people who are uneducated about the topic. The person who said that...

Speaker discusses mental health, how to find ‘PEACE of Mind’

Tilly-Ana Ceriser, an Eastern alum and motivational speaker, discusses how students can address mental health issues in Lumpkin Hall on Monday evening.

Olivia Swenson-Hultz  , Associate News Editor

February 12, 2018

After years of struggling with mental illness herself, Tilly-Ana Ceriser wanted to return to her alma mater, Eastern, to help others who might be experiencing the same challenges. Ceriser talked about the issue during an African-American Heritage Month presentation, “I Gotta Find A PEACE of Mind:...

You can overcome your depression

Andrew Paisley, Columnist

January 29, 2018

Depression is an illness that hits people really hard sometimes. Some people are more affected than others, and it can be very serious. I have suffered from clinical depression since I was 13 years old. At first, I had no idea what it was, but I went to my doctor, got diagnosed and got prescribed m...

Senior shares experience through art

Sisi Pascarella, Contributing Writer

November 14, 2017

  Sharing her personal experience with mental illness, senior studio art major Ashley Dick displayed her art exhibit last week. Dick said she has been planning this show for about two years now, ever since she first learned about the show her sophomore year. “Everyday is just dealing...

Counseling Center supports students

Maria Devito, Contributing Writer

October 17, 2016

One in four students at American colleges have a diagnosable mental illness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Specifically, Eastern’s Counseling Center is offered as a health service to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled. The staff includes an interim assistant...

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Mental illness