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Seniors react to commencement ceremony cancellation

Seniors react to commencement ceremony cancellation

Corryn Brock, News Editor

March 19, 2020

Eastern President David Glassman announced the cancellation of the May commencement ceremony, an announcement that has left many seniors filled with a variety of emotions. Many seniors have expressed feelings of sadness, anger and disappointment in the news they will not be able to walk the stage co...

McCleery ‘twirls’ her way toward graduation

Cassie McCleery, a senior majoring in family consumer science with a focus in education, twirls during a Library Quad performance before a September football game.

Hannah Shillo, Associate News Editor

November 4, 2019

Cassie McCleery has a decision to make: to continue her competitive baton twirling for the last year or to focus on her future career in teaching. The senior family and consumer sciences major with a focus in education and only twirler in the Panther Marching Band started twirling 16 years ago. She...

Ceremony recognizes minority students

Elizabeth Wood, Contributing Writer

April 21, 2019

Seniors lined up next to the stage and, with a slight delay, the graduation fanfare softly floated through the room. Students walked over to the podium, some giving a wave or gesture to the crowd, before Maggie Burkhead, director of TRiO, announced their names. Once the seniors were recognized and “...

Don’t procrastinate, finish the year strong

Megan Keane, Columnist

April 17, 2019

With the end of the semester vastly approaching, we’re all slumped with the papers we’d been warned with in our syllabi and the final exams we’ve been dreading. Some of us are just starting to think about cracking our books open, and some are only worried about when they’ll be able to return...

Coping with leaving college behind

Carole Hodorowicz, Columnist

April 17, 2019

Being a senior two weeks away from graduating is giving me the most tumultuous emotional rollercoaster ride of my life. The past four years have felt like four minutes and now I have adult life waiting for me to fall into its clutches for eternity. I hate to sound like every middle-aged person...

Why is graduating ‘on time’ an expectation?

Jessica Stewart, Columnist

October 23, 2018

Anyone who has ever met with an adviser has probably heard the phrase “graduating on time,” especially if they’ve changed their major. Why is it an expectation to graduate “on time,” and why is four years the expectation? While I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, I stumbled across a post...

Stay optimistic about the future

Tom O'Connor, Columnist

September 5, 2018

The contours of any one person’s highs and lows do not adhere to an easy to follow course of development, nor will they ever be predictable. For juniors and seniors in college, it can be quite easy to be pessimistic about future endeavors, feeling as though you have already reached that proverbial...

Times were good, bad

Kennedy Nolen, Columnist

April 24, 2018

Since I finish college next week, I will explain my favorite and least favorite things about my time at Eastern or college in general. Get ready to relate, y’all. My favorite things include: Some classes. I obviously really hated some, but the classes I really loved included Art Appreciation with St...

Time may fly, but we have our memories

April 23, 2018

The cliché saying that “time flies” is one we should not take lightly. Life has felt like it has been on fast forward since the moment I got here. When I arrived for my first weekend at Eastern in August 2015, I felt nervous but liberated. I no longer would have to live at home with my family,...

College won’t last forever, so enjoy it

Staff Editorial

March 20, 2018

It is hard to believe that we are already at this point in the semester again. We only have roughly six weeks left. We at The Daily Eastern News are not the hugest fans of clichés, but we are also human. And because we are human, and we know that you are too, we catch others as well as ourselves saying...

Attending graduation isn’t a requirement

Kennedy Nolen, Columnist

March 6, 2018

Graduation day is approaching, and I cannot be more excited to finally finish college. It would have been nice to finish in December as planned, but I am dealing with it. I already have the times of my finals written out in my planner; yes, I am that eager. My last day is Monday, April 30, and I made...

Be joyful for friends moving on, no matter how hard

Carole Hodorowicz, Columnist

December 10, 2017

Every time a break is just within reach, I realize more and more that the amount of returning trips to Eastern I have are limited. This realization deepens every time I think about how one of my roommates and best friends will be leaving for winter break but not making the same return I will be. A...

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