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Tune in to the State of the Union Address; think freely

February 4, 2019

After the political turmoil that was the partial government shutdown, which oddly enough resembled the nightmarish two-year long budget impasse that almost burned Illinois and higher education to the ground, President Donald Trump will come before the nation and give his State of the Union Address Tue...

Nothing wrong with a disagreement

Corryn Brock, Staff Reporter

August 27, 2018

My friends and acquaintances span over a very broad and vast set of beliefs. Some of them like pineapple on pizza (those ones tend to stay acquaintances) and the others know that pineapples don’t belong on pizza because the only fruit that belongs on pizza is a tomato. I love being able to have...

Debate to mirror contemporary politics

Tom O'Connor, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2017

  The College Democrats and Republicans will take the debate stage at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Lumpkin Hall in an event hosted by the political science department. Both sides have the opportunity to engage their thoughts on a host of issues, ranging from US domestic and foreign policy topics to...

Campus debate covers gun rights, immigration

Campus debate covers gun rights, immigration

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter

November 3, 2016

Less than a week until the election, the College Democrats and College Republicans debated gun rights; immigration and voting rights took place Wednesday evening. Austin Mejdrich, Frida Arellano and Jonathan Williams represented the Democrats. Jon Bell, Sam Cundari, and Jay Abell represented the Republicans. When...

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