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I can celebrate Christmas if I want

Jessica Stewart

November 5, 2019

Christmas has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. I listen to certain Christmas songs year round. I put up decorations the day after Halloween. I love all of those cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime movies that have the exact same plot as every other one. I love the feeling of fresh snow...

Just let people enjoy the holidays

Katelyn Eddington

October 31, 2019

Halloween was the other day, Thanksgiving is this month and Christmas is next month.  Obviously, everyone knows that, or do they? On social media, I have seen multiple articles and people talk about how Thanksgiving is being skipped over because of the excitement of Christmas. I have also seen people...

Buy that person you don’t know what to get for Christmas a Wood Labyrinth

Megan Keane, Columnist

December 5, 2018

It’s the perfect, treasured game for young and old alike. It’s timeless—and time consuming. It’s good for the mind. It can be used as an exercise in concentration. What is it, you may be asking. Does it include David Bowie, you may also be asking. I can answer both of those so that you can be a ...

Christmas decorating can be shocking

Karena Ozier, Columnist

December 4, 2018

It is the holiday season, which means lights and decorations are everywhere, including in dorm rooms. My roommate and I have had Christmas decorations up since before we left for Thanksgiving break and added even more after we came back. I love the holiday spirit that a lot of people get into this ...

Enjoy the traditional spirit of giving

Jessica Stewart, Columnist

December 3, 2018

It’s Christmas time! This has always been my favorite time of year for many reasons. I love decorating the tree and making the house look magical. I love listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies that always have the same basic plot (I know, I know, but they make me happy). I love th...

Students display work at art sale

Valentina Vargas, Staff Reporter

December 2, 2018

The Department of Art and Design held a Holiday Art sale over the weekend at the main concourse in the Doudna Fine Arts Center. Students, faculty of Eastern and residents of Charleston stopped by the sale all throughout the weekend while they were attending other holiday events like the Holiday Concert...

How to be frugal while Christmas shopping

November 26, 2018

With the holiday break getting closer and closer, we at The Daily Eastern News can practically taste the sweet eggnog and sugar cookies that will be filling our tummies soon. As Christmas decorations pop up everywhere and holiday carols sound in our eardrums louder every day, the desire to go full-on...

Which Christmas movie is the best?

November 26, 2018

You’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered all of you here today. As you know, Thanksgiving is now behind us, which means it’s officially Christmas, which also means it’s time for the best part of the Christmas season: Christmas movies. One of the best things about Christmas movies is that there a...

‘Tis (not) the season of Christmas cheer

Natalee Reynolds, Columnist

November 6, 2018

November is here, but it is not the time for Christmas cheer just yet. I don’t mean to rain (or snow) on your parade, because trust me, I also love the Christmas festivities and the joyous spirit—but it is not okay to start the festivities this soon. It’s only November, people. Every year, ...

Students gear up for holiday season

Travis Moody, Staff Reporter

December 6, 2017

Many Eastern students are preparing for the upcoming holiday season by decorating their dorms and planning their activities over winter break. Sam Beuligmann, a senior science education major, said he and his roommates took a creative spin when decorating for the holiday season. “We never took...

Always cherish loved ones during the holiday season

Liz Stephens, Columnist

November 5, 2017

The holiday season has finally set in, and so have the bittersweet feelings that come along with them. Thanksgiving and Christmas this year will be bittersweet and emotional for me, and I am sure they will be for many other people for similar reasons. Next week, my childhood best friend Colton comes h...

Eastern students preparing for holidays

Chrissy Miller, Campus Reporter

December 8, 2016

  With winter break right around the corner, students are getting in the holiday spirit and anticipating a few weeks away from schoolwork. Laura Renken, a freshman elementary education major, said creating her own glowing Christmas sweater made the holidays feel closer. Renken said her sweater...

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