Biannual Radio Play at Doudna Friday


Katja Benz, Campus Reporter

The Eastern Theatre department is hosting their biannual Holiday Romance Radio Play in the Doudna Fine Arts Center’s theater at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The tile of this year’s show is “Love, Garland, Bows and Tinsel: A Holiday Radio Romance.” The script for the show was senior theatre major Hannah Killough’s capstone project.

Theatre professor Christiana Harkulich directed the play this year.

“I feel extremely honored to have this be my capstone project!” Killough said. “To be able to write a play and have it not only be performed for a live audience but also broadcasted to audiences took a lot of faith from both the Theatre Arts department and from the fantastic director, Dr. Christiana Harkulich.”

Even though this is a play, it is performed like a radio show on stage. Rather than moving around on a set, actors will perform their lines with minimal movements to produce good quality audio. In the past, performances have also included sound effects.

The narrator is played by Anakin Weston, a senior English major.

“[I play] the enigmatic narrator who kind of acts kind of like the spirit of Christmas, the one that winks at the audience,” Weston said. “Not really part of the play, sometimes part of the play.”

Weston’s character details the play which revolves around a female college student named Charlotte trying to determine if she wants to go back to a past relationship, or if she will try finding a new one during the holidays.

The Doudna Fine Arts Center website asks “Will Charlotte make it through the Holidays without going back to her ex, or will she find new love during the darkest days of the year?”

For those interested in finding out Charlotte’s relationship status throughout the play, it is free of charge and open to the public.

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