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Challenge yourself on a regular basis

Staff Editorial March 26, 2019

It has become increasingly common over recent decades for people to take the easy route when making choices. Whether it is something as major as buying a house already furnished or as simple as traveling...

Every decision you make impacts your life

Andrew Paisley, Opinions Editor February 19, 2019

Throughout the day, we tend to make countless decisions, ranging from what we choose to eat for lunch, what we want to wear that day and what to watch on TV. Sure, those decisions may not seem that...

Abnormal is not absurd

Chrissy Miller, News Editor October 3, 2017

When people find out I am an elementary education major, they become inquisitive. I have gotten everything from, “Why do you write for The Daily Eastern News?” to “You do not seem like the teaching...

Students have options when registering to vote

Abbey Whittington and Cassie Buchman, Associate News and News Editor September 8, 2016

  Students will have options when registering to vote in elections this year, whether they want to vote in their hometown or Coles County elections. Students can register to vote online by going...

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